Proving a car accident negligence claim??

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Proving a car accident negligence claim. Hi, I’m attorney Christopher Nicolaysen from springs Law Group. And today I want to talk about the four things you need to do to prove a car accident negligence claim. So you’re driving along, and you’re following the rules of the road and you’re hit by somebody else, and you’re injured. And so that person that hit you then was negligent. And negligence comes with four components, those four parts are duty, breach, causation, and damages. And so let’s break each of those down as we talk about that. So the duty that the driver that hit you had was a duty of care, they had to follow the rules of the road, which means to pay attention to not follow too closely to you know, obey the stop signs and signals and things like that. So they have that duty. First of all, you as the not-at-fault driver were following you know, that duty you were not negligent there. And then the second component is a breach or they breached that duty. So that means they didn’t follow that duty of care. So they violated it in some way. When they hit you. If they violated or breached that duty of care, then we have causation. So that breach of duty by hitting you caused the injury. So now we have a connection of the breach, to causation to injury and those injuries than are going to be your damages. The damages can be a variety of different things such as economic and non-economic damages, but those four things combined then are going to help prove a car accident negligence claim.