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In this episode we break down the lawsuit funding process from the time it takes to go from complaint to civil trial to victory to receiving compensation.

Ever wondered how many plaintiffs win $1M or more?

Want to know the chances (based on the statistics) that if you go to trial you will win punitive damages?

It can take a VERY long time in some cases for your legal case to reach resolution. It’s why so many people opt for a settlement rather than going to trial.

When the negotiations between the lawyers are complete and your settlement is agreed, it doesn’t mean you will receive the money you are entitled right away however.

It can take months, even years in some cases. Settlement financing provides plaintiffs a solution when they need money without delay.

Endless settlement negotiations, depositions, trial delays, attorney tricks, and court backlogs can delay YOU receiving the just compensation you are entitled. And make no mistake, the insurers are in no hurry to cut a check even after you win your suit.

Pre-settlement lending can even provide lawsuit participants money borrowed against the possibility of future recovery in their case.

Legal case types which generally qualify: {auto accidents, personal injury cases, medical malpractice, drug injury lawsuits, wrongful death, product liability, to name a few).

We breakdown the eligibility requirements, the pros and cons of legal financing so you can make an informed decision.

If YOU are considering borrowing against your settlement watch this video first.

If after watching you have additional questions you NEED answered, visit our site to get the answers.

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