In this Google Hangout Phoenix car accident lawyer John Kelly provides advice on what to look for when hiring an attorney for a case and why it matters to have someone with initiative and experience on it.

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Full transcript:

– Hi, this is John Kelly from the Kelly law team. I wanna talk to you about some of the issues that I see when people come in with an auto accident or a car accident. And I have three things that people often ask me, and I’ll address how my law firm handles those situations. One is, they ask me, “Do I have a case?” And that’s a good question, because, there needs to be a little bit of an investigation done to determine how the strength of the case, and often, people only have, they have a police report. Well, we wanna get that report, but we also wanna follow up, and see if there’s anything else we can do to bolster the claim. Maybe we hire an investigator to go to the scene and do our own accident reconstruction. We might need to talk to witnesses, get video surveillance, if it’s available. There may be photographs that we can take and view the vehicle, so, there’s a lot of stuff that I’d like to do in my firm to front load a case, to make sure that we’re establishing liability and strengthening our case as much as possible from the very start. The second thing I get asked is, “What is my case worth?” And that’s a very good question, and you can go and you can punch into online, there’s some calculators to try to determine what your case is worth, but they’re not very accurate. The reason is is that every case is very different, and you really need someone that’s in the weeds with these kind of cases and sees how they turn out in court through jury verdicts, through settlements, different insurance companies handle different cases different ways, and your attorney handles cases different ways, so, one attorney may get one result, and another, a completely different result. And, where I come in with that is when I front load these cases with the investigation, get that all done, I can bring huge value to your claim, because we’ve had all that work done, the documents are all there, all your medical records will be provided in a demand that’s gonna be very compelling, so that’s something that I pride my firm on. The third question that I get a lot is, “When will I get the money? “When will I get paid?” Now, this answer, again, kinda ties back into the second, too, because, if you have someone that’s aggressively pursuing your claim, making sure they’re getting all the documentation in order, getting all the evidence organized, and submitting it with a comprehensive demand to an insurance company, you’re gonna get paid sooner, because this insurance company’s gonna realize, one, they have an attorney that’s aggressive, two, they have an attorney that’s organized, and three, they have an attorney that’s willing to fight for their client, and that combination means that the insurance companies are gonna be scared, and more likely to settle your claim sooner and for more money.