Personal Injury Lawyer John Kelly explains what a rollover accident is and what to do if you are involved in a rollover accident in order to build an injury case in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Phoenix Rollover Accidents

Hello, my name is John Kelly and I’m a personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you’ve been involved in a rollover accident, you can understand that these types of claims have immense amount of damages. Rollovers are very extreme cases where there’s large impacts to cause a vehicle to roll over. And some of the times, we need to track back to determine what exactly happened to cause your vehicle to roll over.

Multiple parties are often involved if you have passengers in the vehicle, and they can become a complicated case. So what we like to do at our firm is make sure that we’re getting a team on your side; an attorney, paralegal, investigator, and expert witnesses to make sure that we can establish one, the liability in the case, and two, build your damages in the case.

The liability aspect of a rollover accident is often a difficult one. Sometimes it takes accident reconstruction to show exactly what happened to cause you to roll over. And these experts are available and can really help your claim to establish liability. If you’re able to establish how that accident happened, you’ve collected the records, you’ve worked with the police, gathered medical records, now you can move on to your damages in your case.

Now in a rollover accident, there isn’t too many people that are going to say that your mechanism of injury was not a factor. The mechanism of injury means, how did the rollover cause the specific injuries and typically with a rollover, people have very severe injuries and you can assume that a rollover would cause those. So you really want to just get to your doctors and treat for those injuries. Document what you’ve been through. Talk about the things which you no longer can do. The recovery process can often be a very long time.

My firm will help you understand what it takes to build those damages to ensure that the insurance company doesn’t treat you like a number and they actually treat you like a person and evaluate your claim as a whole so that you can maximize your recovery. If you have any questions about a rollover accident, please give us a call. You can reach me at 602-283-4122.