Phoenix, Arizona personal injury lawyer, John Kelly, shares strategies used by his firm that have been effective in maximizing compensations from insurance companies to victims of car accidents.

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Car Accident

My name is John Kelly and I’m a personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. If you’ve been injured in a car accident you’re likely dealing with pain and stress in your life right now. We focus on your needs from the very start of the case and follow through to make sure the insurance company is held responsible. We take the time to walk you through the process step-by-step to relieve your stress and get you an amazing result.

In an auto accident case, we focus on holding the person who caused the accident responsible. Insurance companies, they love to take advantage of individuals who have no or very little experience with the system. We have access to the tools you need to get top dollar for your accident. We have several strategies that we have found to be highly effective in doing this and making sure the insurance companies pay. For example, we often use our investigator to track down evidence that will be valuable to your claim. There have been several times where we were able to track down a video from a street or a nearby business that made the claim viable and much more strong.

Additionally, there are incidences where we have individuals that have uncertain future medical treatment. So in this instance, we can get a doctor that can review all the records, put together a report for the insurance company about what future medical treatment will be needed and the cost associated with it. This can add significant money to your claim.

Another strategy we use is video. We are on the forefront of technology and use video all the time, especially with demands. The idea is that insurance companies … They get demand letters every day. So to make a real impact we use a video of our clients speaking about their injuries and how their lives have been affected by the tragedy. This will often make a huge difference in how the insurance company sees your claim. There are several other strategies that are effective in maximizing your compensation.

If you’ve been injured and need an attorney who will be there for you and be aggressive to get an amazing result, give us a call here at the Kelly Law Team. You can reach us any time at 602-283-4122.