Looking for a family office in Monte Carlo, Monaco to be able to survive the current economic crisis? Perhaps we can help, especially if you are a professional athlete or a business entrepreneur who wants to diversify internationally. https://www.Musinyan.com No matter where you currently live in the world — we’ve got you covered with our multi-family office services, especially if you would like to relocate to the U.S. or to Monaco.

The Musinyan Group is a leading global asset management firm that provides comprehensive multi-family office services to professional athletes, actors, musicians, inventors, artists, and business entrepreneurs with rather complex international asset structure.

Our family office specializes in offering comprehensive multi-disciplinary services designed for a special client who needs international accounting, private banking, tax, insurance, estate planning, wealth advisory, public relations, education, technology, security, legal and philanthropic services that may not offered by traditional bankers or investment advisors.

We focus on serving the needs of high-net worth clients through research, development and the application of special risk-management strategies designed to fit the unique financial needs of individuals and families with multi-jurisdictional global presence. We develop custom equity portfolios for unique clients and their families with complex international asset management needs.

Founded in 1994, our firm is headquartered in New York City and maintains offices in all major business centers around the world. Call us at the telephone number provided in the video for further information.

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