SEO Leverage’s Gert Mellak is back to discuss what Google does a lot of – updates. Do Google’s latest algorithm changes affect your site? Here’s how to find out and how to act if they do.

Download 3 Ways To Check If A Google Update Impacts Your Site (and the full PDF transcription)

In the episode:

01:05 – There are the daily updates Google does unbeknownst to most of us, then there’s those that they announce. What’s the diff?
02:32 – Gert runs through one of the latest updates and what it means for site owners.
05:39 – How do we know a specific update will impact our site? And what do we do if it does?
08:12 – Some sites have been doing well thanks to a user-friendly content layout.
09:32 – You can check how you’re doing using the basics, or you can go beyond that.
11:37 – James’s team gets told what to do – is everyone that fortunate?
13:41 – The latest updates have impacted Gert’s app – here’s how.
14:58 – What do you do if you’re ranking for something you’d rather not?
16:11 – Gert works with a variety of businesses. Is there anyone he can’t help?
18:31 – If you get wind of an update, here are some recommendations…
20:38 – SEO still works, though Google would rather you do ads.

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