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Google has recently launched 2 of its updates:
1. Google Helpful Conent Update – 25th August 2022
2. Core Algorithm – 12th Sept 2022

This video make you understand Google helpful content update in simplest way possible.


– Name: Google helpful content update
– Launch Date: It began to rollout on August 25th
– Rollout: It will take about two weeks to fully roll out
– Completed: The update finished rolling out on September 9, 2022, 15 days later.
– Targets: It looks at content that was created to rank well in search over help humans
– Search Only: This currently only impacts Google Search, not Google Discover or other Google surfaces. But Google may expand this to Discover and more in the future.
– Penalty: Google did not mention penalty but this update does seem to feel like a penalty for sites that will be hit by it
– Sitewide: This is a sitewide algorithm, so the whole site will be impacted by this update
– Not a core update: Many are going to say this is a core update, it is not.
– English Language but will expand: This is only looking at English-language content globally now but likely will expand to other languages.
– Impact: Google would not tell me what percentage of queries or searches were impacted by this update but Google did tell me it would be “meaningful.” Also, Google said this will be felt more for online-educational materials, entertainment, shopping, and tech-related content. Looking back, it did not seem to have a massive widespread impact at the same level as core updates or Panda updates.

Source – SEOroundtable

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