This is the ultimate guide on personal injury attorney fees and costs in 2020 (and beyond). We’ll look at lawyer fees on many of my settlements for car accidents, slip and falls, and other injury cases.

You will see how much each case settled for, and how much the client got in his/her pocket.

Moreover, I explain how much lawyers take from a settlement.

You’ll also see costs that attorney’s cannot charge for. Knowing this information can stop your lawyer from overcharging you. And it may put a lot more money in your pocket.

You’ll also see how having a lawyer can result in you getting more money in your pocket.

The clients’ net payout in the settlements in this video doesn’t include interest on loans that they took.

Here are timestamps to just a few parts of the video:

0:00 Intro
0:28 How much can injury lawyers charge?
0:53 Attorney fees ($300K car accident payout)
4:25 Lawyer fees ($260K Uber car accident settlement)
6:15 Attorney fees ($250K slip and fall payout)
7:53 Lawyer fees ($170K car accident settlement)
9:05 Attorney fees ($125K GEICO car accident payout)
10:16 Lawyer fees ($100K GEICO car accident settlement)
11:43 Attorney fees ($100K motorcycle accident payout)
14:34 Lawyer fees ($90K payout for pedestrian hit by car)
17:38 Attorney fees ($70K Lyft accident settlement)
19:19 Lawyer fees ($50K Motorcycle accident payout)
20:10 Attorney fees ($20K GEICO accident settlement)
22:08 Ask lawyer to tell you before paying a big cost
22:14 Attorney needs client’s consent to sue
23:08 Ask attorney if they’ll itemize EVERY cost in closing statement
24:15 Health insurance may be required to reduce its lien if you have a lawyer
25:10 Attorney can’t charge you for Medpay settlement
25:42 Will you get less money than the attorney’s fee?
27:43 Lawyer can’t charge to reduce your medical bills (Example from $33K payout)

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