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Lawsuit Loan Process – How to Apply for a Lawsuit Loan
Are you interested in the lawsuit loan process with Case Cash Lawsuit Funding?

This lawsuit loan process video walks you through the simple steps of applying for a lawsuit loan or lawsuit funding.

Now Case Cash Funding has a new express service where you can get your lawsuit loan or your lawsuit cash advance approved quickly and efficiently. The way that we operate is that we require minimal paperwork, no credit check, no income check, no employment verification.

We are a nationwide company and we are here to serve you, to get you the cash that you need today in order to pay your monthly bills, your mortgage payment, whatever it is that you need the money for. The way that we operate is that we advance you the money today and we require no repayments until your case is successfully settled. So we give you the cash today and there’s nothing else to pay.

So it’s like working with your attorney on a no-win, no-fee basis. That’s how we operate and Case Cash Funding has an express service where we can pretty much automatically approve you within 24 hours after you submit your application and we get in touch with your attorney.

So get started with your lawsuit funding application now. You can either call us on the toll free number 1-800-795-9692 or visit us on our website It takes about 30 seconds to fill out the online form and we will respond to you within 24 hours and get your lawsuit funding application started.

So visit us online or call us toll free and we’re here to help you to win your lawsuit to get the money that you need today and so that you don’t have to settle for a lesser amount. Call us today and we’re more than happy to help or visit