Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in Women’s life. People, especially the moms to be ‘ are extra cautious these days in all their activities during that time and nature is anxious regarding dental treatment if any to be done, and the safety of their child.

What type of dental work is safe during pregnancy?
Regular dental checkups and teeth cleaning or scaling is safe as long as you’re not anxious about these procedures. Scaling is especially important since pregnancy increases the risk of gum disease.

Emergency dental treatment should be performed as it can increase the risk of infection to your child and also increase pain just before the due date during which time it is difficult for the pregnant ladies to lie down on the dental chair.

Small cavity fillings and some other elective dental procedures can be done during the second trimester.

Unnecessary cosmetic procedures like bleaching can be postponed to after the birth of their child.
Dr. Chandra Shekar Alladi, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon from Happy Smiles Dental Care, Hyderabad talks about what type of dental procedures are safe to do during pregnancy and which ones should wait until after the birth of your baby.

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