This is the seventh episode of the mentfx masterclass where we take a step back from learning concepts and actually try to put them to use in understanding why price moves and how it moves in certain areas. Please go off on your own and attempt to understand how orderblocks and imbalances are filled as price is manipulated to create entries by piggybacking off smart money movements in the market. This video will help expand on our current understanding of liquidity and inefficiency to imbalances and order blocks; adding to your current arsenal and understanding.

You’ve been lied to trading retail concepts like support and resistance, trendlines, rsi’s, candle patterns, and all the other stuff I spent years unlearning and now am trying to teach to others. We delve into why price moves to certain areas of inefficiency, and why you often get stopped out of trades without understanding it. In the next we’ll cover more concepts of inefficiency like voids and other smart money models.

Do you ever wonder why you’re constantly losing money in Forex? – Your strategy, your risk management, and your understanding of the market is flawed and its not your fault.

At mentfx, we use concepts of ranges, premiums, discounts, structure, orderblocks, mitigation, imbalance, fair value, voids, inefficiency, buy/sell models, wyckoff, and others to determine our direction and potential trades for the next month/week/day/hour/etc. based on the type of trader you want to become. I do not offer signals or incentivize you to invest under the information in my videos, this is nothing more than perspective.

Any money made or lost in the forex market is your responsibility. My concepts and ideas and theories should be demoed on a fake/demo account before being taken to the live markets. If taken to the live markets, any money made or lost is under your OWN discretion and YOUR OWN responsibility.

Thanks. I look forward to having you as a client and talking to you. -Anton