CynoDent is a unique platform first time in India and one of it’s kind in the World. Cynodent International and Indian Society of Dentistry was founded by Dr. Anmol Bagaria & is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our International, National, State, College teams are spanned all across the Globe & are led by our very diligent Board of Directors. We also have a team of eminent international and National speakers. Our Patrons and Advisors include the very renowned Dr. Stephen Cohen, Dr. James Gutmann and Dr. Pavitra Rastogi.
Cynodent, soon expanded to 20 countries across the globe. And today with the blessings of almighty ladies and gentlemen, Cynodent International stands rock solid with members from 70 leading countries of the World. Our purpose here is to address Global Health issues, increase awareness about patient safety, create opportunities for Dental and medical professionals and very importantly to reduce the gap between research and clinics.

We share this with immense pride that we, at Cynodent, are a global organization serving medical and healthcare professionals around the world. We believe in putting our best foot forward for the welfare of humanity, by sharing knowledge and granting assistance, in the finest way possible. We publish high impact journals, newsletters, magazines and papers, every year. Our very committed team of scientists, medical professionals & clinicians, across all specialties work day in and day out, to transform bold ideas into sustainable realities which, most definitely, will make this world a better place to live.

CynoDent has also launched a Unique digital health care platform, which is the first of its type in India. We are also working for Social Welfare & Humanity to enhance the quality of life by providing Healthcare services, raising awareness & providing free Treatments to many. We have done 100+ camps with completely free of cost treatment. We have trained 500 aasha workers and have also organised blood donation camps. Also we have launched oral health program 2022 with a vision to spread awareness. Also collaborated internationally with WHO, Unicef and UNDP.

We have done 100+ free webinars for young doctors to update their knowledge and skills. We have launched the textbooks of Grossman and Periodontology on our platform. We have Patents, copyrights, books and scientific papers and what not to our credit.

We have organised 12+ international conferences this year to the sharing of knowledge regarding the recent advancements, and state of the art technology. So that the lag between the research and clinical application reduces and better care better care be provided to our patients.

We promise to serve you, with the best of our abilities for the times to come. It’s an eternal bond that we share, a bond so beautifully nurtured that there shall be no stronger a bond than this.!

CynoDent also brings you research and educational programs for doctors to enhance their knowledge, skills and keep them updated regarding the latest treatment developments.
We are Currently doing free webinars for Students, Dentist, Senior Practitioners from India as well as across the globe. We design papers, mock test and sending latest textbooks to budding students. We will bring research internships & scientific programs. A Roadmap to write and publish papers and understand scope of research in the field of Medical, Dental and Health Sciences.

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