Learn how to mix and deliver MTApex™ in order to fill and coat the walls of the root canals, sealing against coronal and apical leakage. Deliverable via a NaviTip™ 29 ga single sideport tip or gutta percha. Learn more at https://www.ultradent.com/products/categories/endodontics/sealing/mtapex-bioceramic-root-canal-sealer

• Seals against coronal and apical leakage
• Calcium ions stimulate bone repair
• High pH helps prevent bacterial growth
• High pH helps control root resorption
• Deliverable via NaviTip™ 29 ga single sideport tip
• Deliverable via gutta percha
• Removable for retreatment if necessary
• One kit seals approximately 20 canals

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