HOW TO PRESENT DENTAL TREATMENT PLANS AND WHY THIS PRESENTATION IS SO IMPORTANT! Come watch this YouTube exclusive with Laura Hatch to hear Laura’s response to the following question and advice for presenting treatment plans to your dental patients!

QUESTION: I’m just getting back into dentistry after taking a break to raise my kids. I can’t remember how to explain treatment plans to patients. I guess my biggest question and fear is not knowing the steps. I have been on youtube for the last three days and there isn’t a single video showing the steps to present treatment to patients.

We think this is a great topic for everyone presenting treatment plans to their dental patients!

Here are some basic thoughts and steps to get you started:
#1 – Be confident in your conversations with patients about what they need.
#2 – Don’t worry so much about impressing the patient with ‘doctor talk’. Use the words the patient will understand.
#3 – Choose your environment and timing for these conversations wisely!

Listen in on Laura’s video to find out more about the steps to take to successfully present dental treatment to your patients, then join us at Front Office Rocks to learn more about dental treatment plan case presentation:

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