Google is constantly working on its search engine in order to deliver better results for their users and their business. In fact, Google makes anywhere between 500 to 600 updates each year. While not every one of these updates is major, when the big ones do role out you need to know how to respond.

To put all this into perspective, here is a list of the major updates for this year alone that we pulled from Moz. (For a more in-depth list of changes, check out this great page from Moz:

“Medic” Core Update — August 1, 2018
Chrome Security Warnings (Full Site) — July 24, 2018
Unnamed Update — July 21, 2018
Mobile Speed Update — July 9, 2018
Video Carousels — June 14, 2018
Unnamed Update — May 23, 2018
Snippet Length Drop — May 13, 2018
Unnamed Core Update — April 17, 2018
Mobile-First Index Roll-out — March 26, 2018
Zero-result SERP Test — March 14, 2018
“Brackets” Core Update — March 8, 2018
Unnamed Update — February 20, 2018

At the time we are posting this, there have been 12 major updates in 2018. As a website owner or digital marketer, it’s important to know what Google is doing, and how you need to respond. Check out the video below to learn how to respond to a major Google algorithm update.