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00:00 How to get American Express Centurion Card in 1 Week Introduction
01:40 How to get the American Express Centurion Card the normal way?
04:02 The hidden way to get the American Express Centurion Card FAST
05:57 How much money do you need to get the Amex black card?
07:09 Your Money will be protected inside a secret fortress: a Swiss bank in Switzerland
09:23 What are the American Express Centurion Card Benefits?
09:44 What is the Personal Manager and 24/7 Concierge Service?
10:39 What is the global lifestyle without limits?
15:53 Here is the hassle-free procedure to become the Amex Black Card in 1 week

Among credit cards, this card stands out from all others.
The American Express Centurion Card is the most prestigious card, anywhere in the world.
The legendary card is an invite-only credit card.
It’s not a credit card for everybody but there is a little-known way to get the most exclusive credit card within 1 week only,
no invitation letter from Amex, no waiting list, no 1-year credit history, no earnings of 1 M per year.
Discover in this video the direct way to get immediate access to the Amex Black Card.


If you deal with American Express Centurion Card Europe all the mysterious requirements are not concerning you anymore.
If you order the American Express Centurion Card with me,
you will get the Amex Black Card in 1 week after the account opening in Switzerland, automatically.

I tell you why.
American Express in the USA and American Express in Europe are two different things.
American Express in Europe is an independent entity from American Express in the USA.
The team managing Amex Black Cards in Europe signed special agreements with some very exclusive Swiss private banks.
Amex Europe is more than happy that they passed over the anti-money-laundering verifications and background checks to Swiss banks.

Nobody will know that the Swiss bank will be your secret fortress for your own money outside of your country of residence.
The Swiss jurisdiction and the strong Swiss banking system will protect you from economic instability and political risks,
unjustified claims from business rivals and creditors, lawsuits, divorce claims, bankruptcy proceedings and
other possible liabilities in your country of permanent residence.
You will kill two birds with one stone.

What we can offer to you is 2 things:

High prestige with the Centurion Card and best global asset protection with war-proven Swiss banks.
Some of our partner banks are 200 years old.
The old Swiss private banks formed during the Napoleonic wars successfully survived 43 financial crisis within the last 200 years.

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