Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits interview is Lily Ray. Lily is an SEO expert, Google algorithm update specialist, and senior director for Amsive Digital.

Today, she chats with Jared about Google updates in general and, of course, the latest helpful content update. And, she provides tips and advice on keeping your website clear from the penalties that will negatively impact your organic performance.

With so many different updates that can potentially affect your rankings, it’s great to get insight and advice from someone who is a true expert in the field.

The conversation goes deep on many aspects of updates, including the broad core updates, the product review updates, and understanding where the algorithm is and where it’s heading in the future.

Lily shares her thoughts on EAT (Expert, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) and what she believes Google is focusing on when it comes to ticking these boxes. For example, Lily talks about what is needed to become a trustworthy site in the eyes of Google.
In addition, she talks about indexation, content creation, deleting unwanted pages, link building, and how to think smarter when building your websites.

Further Topics discussed During The Interview Include:
* What the new helpful content update is, and the purpose of it
* How the helpful content update is impacting websites
* How to analyze your content when it drops in the SERPs
* Why big sites with lousy user experience outrank smaller sites
* Her views on Google’s questions to ask ourselves
* Is the target (and penalties) of the update page specific or site-wide?
* How can affiliate marketers approach the updates?
* The specific criteria for what Google is looking for with niche websites
* How to validate that you’re an expert in your niche field
* Ranking on all mediums
* Is Linkbuilding still worth doing?
* SEO tools on technical issues and are they that important
* Technical problems that will affect your rankings
* Internal linking importance
* Meeting Google’s intent
* Conversion rate and UX testing
* Plus much more
Finally, the interview concludes with Jared asking Lily about keyword Cannibalization and what she thinks about it concerning Google updates and rankings. 
With the recent updates becoming more frequent, this is a very timely interview with one of the sharpest minds in SEO. The amount of advice and tips that Lily provides is super helpful, so as always, take notes and enjoy this great episode.

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