knock on wood. You know, I’ve been doing mortgages for 15 years and never been involved in a lawsuit, 

I always do everything straight by the book and act with integrity, and I act on my client’s best interest. And normally that’ll keep you outta trouble.  However.

I’ve had some , crazy scenarios, and 100% of the time they are when I am trying to help somebody.,  two people trying to do the right thing can still end up in a lawsuit, so just be careful when you’re trying to help somebody.

 Make sure you do it by the book. Make sure you very upfront, and just brutally honest with people. Although they don’t like it, I lose deal.  I lose deals all the time because I shoot people straight . And then they’ll go to somebody else that’ll tell ’em it’s gonna be perfect.

 And then when they get through the process, it starts to get rocky and they call me back. . I would rather be brutally honest, upfront, tell you exactly what to expect than bend over backwards trying to help you and end up in a lawsuit.  So it’s good to help people. Just make sure that you know what you’re going into and make sure everybody’s on the same page

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