How the myth about “algorithm changes” hurts your SEO…

Many small business owners use take the idea of “Google’s algorithm changes so much” to mean that it’s too unpredictable to invest in SEO.

The mythical thinking is, “Why even do SEO if Google is going to change its mind anyway?!”

In reality, Google *rarely* makes significant changes to its CORE algorithm (that is, the main algorithm used for assessing and ranking websites). What DOES change is it’s approach to addressing spam, AI content, poor content quality, etc.

We saw this with the Helpful Content Update, which hit tons of businesses that had low quality content, “thin” content, or clearly AI-generated content.

The way SEO works has basically stayed the same: Create valuable, authentic, and accurate content for users and Google will see you as an authority in your space.

Of course, there are some technical factors to consider, like site speed and mobile friendliness, but these rarely experience significant algorithm shifts either.

If you are a business owner who wants to get more organic traffic, focus on these things:

1. Identify keywords that are 1) relevant to your product or service offerings, 2) have measurable search volume and 3) have medium to low competition. Use a keyword tool like Semrush to look at the stats for your chosen keywords.

2. “Map” your most important pages to the most relevant keyword(s). Avoid different pages targeting the same keyword. Write a unique title for each page.

3. Use your blog to target long-tail keywords – that is, keywords that have to do with how-tos, frequently asked questions, or processes. Again, make sure these keywords have search volume and low competition.

4. Implement a lead capture form to capitalize on your traffic. Even if you only get a few visitors, you should make it stupid easy for them to contact you. A free ebook, checklist, or other offer is great for this.

5. Sign up for Google Search Console (free) to monitor your website traffic and find important SEO issues. This will help you with the technical SEO factors that Google cares about most.

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