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We show you how we make our Immediate Final Teeth™ in 24 hours! At All On 4 Plus®, we use unique systems and technology to create individualised smiles for our patients.

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We are All On 4 Clinic, some of Australia’s pioneers of All On 4 and dental implants concept, and birthplace of the newer All On 4 Plus and Zygoma Plus solutions for long-time denture wearers and people with deteriorated teeth and who want to avoid having to wear a plate.

We offer teeth replacement solutions (dental implants) that are fixed, immediate and are aimed to feel and function like a beautiful natural set.

With dedicated All On 4 facilities now throughout Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, as well as in Tasmania. Our advanced treatments offering a potential solution for your smile are now, quite literally closer than ever before.

View all of our clinics here: https://www.allon4plus.com.au/locations

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