Welcome to News Views & Gossip on Sports Card Radio. This week we give an update on the Ken Goldin x Sports Card Radio lawsuit. Millions of PPP loans went out to hobby heroes during the biggest sports card bubble in history. PWCC simps checked into the comments – only to be destroyed this week. Did Panini DIP a box of National Treasures?

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Intro: 0:00
Ken Goldin Lawsuit 0:28
Goldin PPP Loan 2:03
Burbank Cards PPP Loan 2:39
BBCE PPP Loan 2:45
Firehand Cards PPP Loan 3:03
Leaf Trading Cards PPP Loan 3:13
PWCC Simps & Shill Bidding 3:25
Geoff Wilson PPP Loan 6:01
Panini America DIP 7:27
Topps 582 Club 8:18
ALT Comes Clean 8:51