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Sean recently sat down with Irakli Zviadadze – a content marketer specializing in helping businesses grow their website traffic using SEO – to talk about the elephant in the room:

Do new copywriters and content writers need to learn SEO to effectively sell their content article services?

The answer is… complicated. Like all things marketing, the relationship between SEO and your content is complex. Irakli also goes into detail about how you can abuse Google’s algorithm to get higher quality traffic on your website.

Watch the full interview with Irakli soon:

0:00 – Irakli Zviadadze: Content marketing specialist
1:45 – What is the purpose of content marketing?
2:31 – 4 types of search intent for SEO
2:43 – Why SEO matters for content writers
4:02 – How to use search intent in your content articles
5:58 – Should copywriters know SEO?
7:08 – Copywriting and content marketing are mutually beneficial skills

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