Overview of the PageRank algorithm, explaining its underlying concepts using a concrete numeric example with accompanying visualization. Also introduces the Personalized PageRank variant that computes personalizes topic-sensitive scores for recommending webpages or any data that may be represented as a network graph.

0:00 Why PageRank?
3:19 PageRank: Simplified (without Teleportation)
8:10 PageRank: Full Algorithm (with Teleportation)
9:42 How to Run PageRank on Huge Matrix?
11:57 PageRank Explained with Javascript
12:37 Run PageRank on Any Graphs
13:56 Personalizing PageRank
16:39 Why Personalized PageRank?
19:33 Why are These Algorithms Popular?

This is a lecture video of the Data and Visual Analytics (CSE6242/CX4242) course at Georgia Tech. Course website and lecture slides: https://poloclub.github.io/#cse6242

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