Did you know that Google’s latest core algorithm update rolled out on September 12th—taking two weeks to complete?

While this particular update wasn’t as strong as previous releases, it sets the stage for what could be monumental changes down the road.

This latest algorithm update is a powerful reminder that Google is always changing and updating—which means that your SEO and content strategy must always be evolving as well. If you’re not constantly keeping up with the latest changes, you’re likely to fall behind and lose ground in the search results.

That could mean less traffic to your website, which would then lead to fewer leads and sales. In short, it’s vital to always have a strong SEO foundation in place—one that can easily adapt to any future changes.

The good news is that the Small Business Saturday team is here to help you with any concerns you have about this update or any coming down the road. Contact us today to stay on top of updates and enjoy a well-rounded digital marketing strategy!

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