In this episode of the Search News You Can Use Podcast, Marie Haynes discusses:

October 26-28 possible Google update
Marie summarizes info from Google’s How Search Works video
The latest WordPress Update (5.5.2 has issues)
Local SEO: GMB showing cases statuses
Local SEO: Don’t edit your GMB right now!
Q&A: Why did have issues with the May 4, 2020 Google update

Also in the newsletter this week:
Google removing markup soon
How to rank on Google: 25 step master checklist
Deadly sins of link building
How does Google treat capitalization in HTML attribute names?
How to get the most out of Google Knowledge Panels for retailers and manufacturers
How to handle 307 redirects
More on the update for Passages and how it relates more to ranking than indexing
How Google crawls podcasts
Data delay in GSC coverage report
Resources to up your auditing skills
Microsoft announces free Analytics tool
How Ahrefs leveraged Twitter to help launch their webmaster tools
New Yoast feature for enhanced Slack sharing
Local SEO: Beginner’s guide to reputation management
Local SEO: Why you should consider embedding a Google Map on your website
Local SEO: Easily track GMB category changes in recent months

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