Have you heard about “Fred” yet?
Apparently some webmasters and SEO Experts don’t like him very much. Well, they do if he’s helped bump up their search ranking over the last couple of weeks.
Fred is the unofficial name for the new, unconfirmed Google algorithm update, that seems to be focused on content quality.
So, to help you better understand Fred, I reached out to my friend, Eric Enge, from Stone Temple Consulting, who explained, “It looks like this update has primarily tagged publishers that have a lot of thin content pages and/or too much advertising on them, i.e. advertising that is so heavy that it interferes with the practical access to the content by users.”
“It’s not an update that Google is acknowledging because they do so many updates every year – in fact some Google updates get pushed out almost every day. But, this one is drawing a reaction because it noticeably impacted one class of sites that Google considers to be low quality.”
To me, that sounds like another Google attempt to weed out the “Black Hats” of Search Engine Optimization.
You see, I’d never, ever recommend trying to cheat the Google Algorithm. Even if it works now, it’s not gonna work years, even months, from now.
The best thing you can do to keep ranking in Google Search, is to create great, high-quality content that people truly want to read (or watch) and share. None of that spammy, backlinking stuff. Not only will you avoid getting on Google’s bad side, but you’ll win over customers and audiences at much faster rates.