In the first Google Search Algo Update of 2023, a Product Review System update, the search engine has added 10 languages to the algorithm – giving the Product Review Algorithm a global reach (it now includes: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish).

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the first update from Google in 2023 and how it changes the language used in product reviews. We’ll also be exploring how this update affects comparisons and affiliate promotions. We also look at how long it will take for this update to roll out and what kind of fluctuations we can expect to see in rankings.

Finally, we’ll be discussing how Google assigns scores to websites based on multiple factors. Join us as we explore these topics and more!

In this Podcast we ask:
– How will this update effect you?
– How long will this google update take?
– When will the next search update be?
– Is this a Google Core Update?
– What does this google algo update mean?
and much more!

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