Google Panda Update | Panda Algorithm| Google Panda Algorithm | What Is Google Panda Algorithm | Google Panda Update 2021 | Google Panda Algorithm Update | Google Panda Algorithm Explained

00:00 Introduction
01:00 What is google panda algorithm?
01:40 Why google panda algorithm was released?
02:32 Major Role Of Panda Algorithm
03:11 What You Should Avoid as Google Panda Hates it?
06:56 How to get safe from google panda after hit?

Google Panda is a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The update was aimed at decreasing the rank of “low-quality” sites—sites that Google believes are lacking in original content, have been copied from other sites, or are simply filler content. The Panda update has had a significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO) and the traffic of many websites.

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