– This week I covered that Google updated their numbers on how much Google has changed in search over the years, that is over 3,200 changes in just a year. Google made about three algorithmic updates this week in search, something is going on but Google won’t comment. Google My Business is a mess, they said they fixed the suspension issue but it seems they have not done so fully. Google mostly fixed the recipe rich results bug from back in April. Google News may be violating the Google Webmaster guidelines. Google algorithms cannot detect if an author is real or not. A former Google engineer said PageRank hasn’t been used since 2006. Google Discover is not a quality or judgement signals. An SEO showed how you can steal someone’s knowledge panel in Google. Google is asking some searchers to submit knowledge panel data. Google is showing product labels in web search’s image carousel. Google’s search shopping box now shows a button for “shops.” Google is testing a new share search snippet feature. Google Local results is testing making the CTA stick. Google AdSense is dropping their native apps for iOS and Android. Rand Fishkin got a mention in the Google antitrust congressional hearing. Google’s John Mueller said two-thirds of what he says is taken out of context. I published the 3rd vlog series where I interviewed Mike King of iPullRank about links and running a business. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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