This week, we covered that the Google March 2024 core update is still rolling out 38 days later, but we saw more volatility this week. Just a reminder that the Google helpful content update no longer exists. Gary Illyes from Google again says core update and indexing are independent. Google responded to complaints about dangerous and harmful search results. Google says ranking well in other verticals like shopping, images and others, does not negatively impact your web rankings. Google updated its structured data carousels beta documentation. Google says don’t disallow your internal footer links. Google says there are minimal differences between using a 404 and 410 status code. Google is testing short videos in the search bar. Google is not removing the site command. Bing is testing removing the cache link and the estimated number of search results. Google SGE is testing AI overview tabs. Bing is testing sources across the web AI. Google image search now has pixel-level object segmentation. Google Ad strength is not used in the auction, Google says. Google is testing sticky sponsored labels. Google Ads is also testing people also considered labels in the search ads. Google Ads tests “get phone number” buttons instead of the “call” button. Google released its Merchant Center product data specifications for 2024. Google Maps has a new flow for suggest an edit. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:15 – New Google March 2024 Core Update Ranking Volatility :
2:10 – Reminder: Google’s Helpful Content Update Is No More – It’s A Core Update :
3:04 – Google: Indexing & Algorithm Updates Are Independent :
3:52 – Google Responds To Claims Where Search Results Can Be Harmful & Dangerous :
5:12 – Google: Ranking In Shopping, Images & Other Verticals Doesn’t Hurt Your Web Rankings :
5:52 – Google Structured Data Carousels Beta Docs Clarifies Feature Availability & Markup Location :
6:28 – Google: Don’t Disallow Internal Footer Links :
6:48 – Google: Differences Between 410 and 404 Is Too Minimal :
7:21 – Google Tests Short Videos In Search Menu Bar :
7:48 – Google Is Not Removing The Site Command Search Feature :
8:06 – Bing Tests Removing Cache Link From Search Results :
8:20 – Bing Search Tests Removing Estimated Number Of Results :
8:36 – Google SGE Testing Tabs In AI Overviews :
8:52 – Bing Search Tests From Sources Across The Web :
9:13 – Google Image Search Gains Pixel Level Object Segmentation Animation :
9:36 – Google: Ad Strength Is Not Used In Ad Auction :
10:03 – Google Tests Sticky Sponsored Label As You Scroll Down Search Ads :
10:22 – Google Ads With People Also Consider Label :
10:48 – Google Ads Tests Get Phone Number Button :
11:06 – 2024 Google Merchant Center Product Data Specification Updates :
11:24 – Google Maps Suggest An Edit Flow Updated :
11:35 – Conclusion