The Google algorithm updates affect all seo in every aspect. Understanding the algorithms that affect your search engine optimization efforts is very important today for all seo campaigns. I will cover just that each ai update performed by Google.

1. Google Algorithm Panda update used for quality
2. Google Algorithm Penguin , derank websites with unnatural link profiles
3. Pirate , to de-rank sites with copyright infringement
4. Google Algorithm Hummingbird – Produce relevant search results by understanding the search quires better.
5. Google Algorithm Pigeon – To produce higher quality local search results
6. Google Algorithm Update Mobile friendly – Give pages a boost that are mobile friendly
7. Google Algorithm Update Rankbrain- Deliver better results by using AI and machine learning
8. Possum – Deliver better local search results based of proximity to the searcher
9. Fred – used to filter low quality sites that the main purpose was to collect ad revenue.

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