– This week, we possibly had another Google search ranking algorithm update on April 28th and 29th, Google did not confirm it. Google said they may delay the September deadline to switch fully over to mobile-first indexing because of COVID-19. Google said site speed as a ranking factor is teeny tiny. Google’s question hub pilot in the US seems much larger than Google told us. Google’s John Mueller gave advice on managing old content on old publishing sites. GoogleBot would rarely ever submit a form on your site, if Google is doing that, maybe it is having a hard time accessing your content. Google can get more choosy when it comes to showing rich results. There is a great interview with Nathan Chalmers of Bing you should all check out. You should not have to use the submit URL to Google feature. Google said if you have lots of soft 404s, it might be a sign of an issue with your site. Google Search Console updated some reports to show fewer errors, this is important to note. Google Search Console added a copy URL feature. Google may discard duplicate reconsideration requests. Google added organizer as a property for event structured data. Google Ads now allows certified online pharmacies to advertise. Google is testing new ho to schema formats, new placement for URLs in the snippets and new underlines for searches related to. I posted a vlog with Mordy Oberstein on core updates and featured snippets this week. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Search Ranking Update Flutters April 28th & 29th (0:19)
Google May Delay Mobile-First Indexing Switch Over Deadline Due To COVID-19 (1:08)
Confirmed: Google Site Speed Is A Teeny-Tiny Ranking Factor (2:15)
Google Question Hub’s “What Is Your Question” Is Wider Than COVID-19 Searches (2:56)
Google Advice On Old Content On News Sites: Remove, Noindex Or Leave It (4:08)
Google: GoogleBot Would Rarely Ever Submit A Form On Your Website (4:57)
Google Gets Picker About Showing Rich Results As Search Results Get Overloaded With Them (5:52)
Tidbits: Interview With Nathan Chalmers, Bing Search Relevance Team (6:20)
Google: Do You Submit Your Content To Google Manually? Maybe Fix Your Site. (6:46)
Google: Have Lots Of Soft 404s In Search Console? Check Your Internal Links. (7:30)
Google Search Console Is Tracking Fewer Pages For Reporting (7:46)
Google Search Console Adds Copy Feature To URLs (8:23)
Google Discards Duplicated Reconsideration Requests (8:39)
Google Event Structured Data Gets Organizer Property (9:01)
Google Ads Now Allows Some Online Pharmacies to Advertise (9:18)
Google Testing More How To Schema Rich Results Interfaces (9:43)
Google Tests Black URL Under Snippet Title (10:01)
Google Tests Underlining Searches Related To (10:12)
Vlog #64: Mordy Oberstein On Quality Content Though Google Algorithm Updates & Are Featured Snippets Worth It (10:29)