– In the search news, it seems like we have a Google search ranking update yesterday and today, July 23rd and 24th – it is not confirmed yet. I covered the expected new that Google has pushed off its deadline for mobile-first indexing from September 2020 to March 2021. Google has reenabled the Twitter carousel in the search results after removing them last week. Google had a big bug with navigational and site queries. Apple posted its search ranking factors and an updated Applebot help document. Bing created a WordPress plugin so you can quickly integrate your WordPress site with its URL submission API. WordPress has finally added XML Sitemaps in its core in version 5.5 after a year of working on it. Google Search Console performance reports has a new news filter. Google Search Console coverage report had this weird indexing issue notice. GoogleBot will continue to pass its user agent, no matter what Chrome does. Google launched a new mortgage search feature box. Google is testing search refinement features when you scroll. Google is showing a lot of images for some queries for some reason. Google’s local algorithm weighs business names too highly, Google said it is working on this issue. Google My Business seems to have launched a subscription model for upgrading your profile. Google My Business is sending out notifications for duplicate listings. Google can show two phone numbers in your local panel. Google Ads Editor launched version 1.4 with recommendations and much more. And much more!

(00:00) Introduction
(00:21) Google Search Ranking Update On July 23rd & 24th :
(00:51) Google Deadline For Mobile-First Indexing Now March 2021, Not September 2020 :
(1:48) Google Brings Back The Twitter Carousel :
(2:08) Google Site Command & Navigational Query Operators Failed Yesterday :
(2:45) Apple Lists Its Search Ranking Factors :
(4:16) Bing URL Submissions Plugin To Get Your WordPress Content Indexed Fast :
(4:43) WordPress 5.5 With Google Sitemaps Integration In Its Core :
(5:07) Google Search Console Performance Reports News Filter :
(5:32) Google Search Console Coverage Report – Experiencing Indexing Issues Notice :
(5:52) GoogleBot Will Continue To Pass A User-Agent Despite Chrome Changes :
(6:10) Google Mortgage Search Results Box For You To Compete With & In :
(6:41) Google Tests Search Refinements When You Scroll Up :
(6:54) Google Showing Large Image Packs For Queries :
(7:04) Google Local Algorithm Weighs Business Names Too Highly; Google To Fix This. :
(7:38) Google My Business Upgraded Profiles; $50 Per Month :
(7:59) Google My Business Notification For Duplicate Listings :
(8:15) Google Local Panel Listing With Two Phone Numbers :
(8:26) Google Ads Editor v1.4 Adds Recommendations, Local Campaigns & More :
(8:54) Google Shopping Sponsored Web Results With Material Label :
(9:05) Buy on Google Now Commission Free & Adds PayPal and Shopify Options :
(9:28) Microsoft Advertising Now Offers Free ShutterStock Photos For Image Ads :
(9:40) Google Ads To Ban Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dangerous & Derogatory Ads :
(9:52) Conclusion