– This week, we reported today that Google may have started another Google algorithm update – did you notice ranking changes? Google did think about giving SEOs more advice on the Medic Update but decided their advice already given was good enough. Google said the Medic Update was not designed to target YMYL sites. Some SEOs are saying they noticed recoveries from the Google Medic Update. Google also said Panda and Penguin act differently based on how they impact a site on a page versus host level. Google Search Console now has automatic verification based o your Google Analytics access. Google added the link report to the beta new Google Search Console, they say it is more accurate but it is currently missing the download latest links report. Google’s URL inspection tool is more up to date than the indexing report. Google Search Console’s performance report may have a bug with the query filter. We really do want Google to build an automated action viewer. Google strongly recommends you do 301 redirects when doing an HTTPS migration. Google says they do not favor fresh content. Google Analytics is now starting to show the new image search traffic in the organic reports. Google’s indexing API isn’t rolling out more broadly any time soon. Google is testing new image search designs. Google is expanding the reserve with Google feature in Google My Business. Google now lets you search for your user agent. Does Google really write letters of recommendations for some of their partners? The Google Assistant can now tell you some good news. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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