– It was a pretty busy week with a possible Google search algorithm update on Wednesday. In addition, we had two different indexing bugs, one on Wednesday, which was fixed and one last night, which is being worked on. Google launched a new design for the mobile search results snippets, with favicons that kind of make the ads blend more with the organic results. Google updated their search quality raters guidelines after 10 months. Google seemed to fix the cache date bug. Google is testing newer versions of Chrome with the evergreen GoogleBot. Google Search Console’s speed report isn’t coming that fast to us. Google said POST request use more crawl budget than GET requests. I don’t expect Google to release filters for voice query data in Search Console any time soon. Google’s URL inspection tool labels 410s as 404s. Google posted a video on GoogleBot without myth busting. Google said making two web sites out of one won’t result in twice the traffic. Google is showing green map pins in the local pack for Google local ads. Google tests renaming Google Posts to Google Updates. Google launched version two of Google Glass. Brian White, an old time Google spam fighter has left the company after 16 years. I was in London this week with an awesome SEO community. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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