– This week in search was pretty exciting, especially towards the end of the week. Google’s Matt Cutts said that a new algorithm update will specifically target overly SEO’ed sites. Google might be testing that because SEOs and Webmasters are noticing major fluctuations in the search results in which Google says is not Panda. Google’s Panda thread was ripped apart with the new forum. Google released a video showing how they do their search quality meetings. Google announced how they keep ads safe, saying they terminated 800,000 advertisers and disallowed 130 million ads in 2011. Google updated the crawl error reports in Google Webmaster Tools. Google has a language bug spreading through their properties. Maile from Google released a great video on SEO and pagination. Matt Cutts said the new TLDs will have no impact on rankings. Bing said, for mobile SEO, go with one URL most of the time. Bing said they are as fresh as Google – but that is a lie. Google’s Amit Singhal was cited by the Wall Street Journal as saying Google is releasing a major revamp of their search engine but truth is, it is not happening so soon and is a slow progression. Finally, Google has a sweet Doodle for the grandmaster of Origami, Akira Yoshizawa’s 101st birthday. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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