– There was a possible Google algorithm and ranking update on June 19th. Google said the core update and Panda update are not the same thing. Google was accused by Genius as stealing their lyrics, Google said they will investigate but they license the content from third-parties and now labels it as such. Google Search Console removed the preferred domain setting. Google is testing the new evergreen GoogleBot in the mobile-friendly test, URL inspection tool and other tools. Moz said the Google diversity update really didn’t do much to diversify the search results. Google does show hidden content as featured snippets. Google said there is no fixed time to snapshot rendered content. Google posted a poll asking if you would want a filter to see which links are nofollowed for your internal link report. Google said disallowed URLs do not impact your crawl budget. An SEO poll shows that too many SEOs are still focused on desktop analysis vs mobile. Google Search Console image search performance data is missing from June 5th through 7th. Google can show emojis, links and unicode in rich results for FAQ markup. Google is testing a lot of new interfaces, I summarized a bunch of them. Google My Business launched new features yesterday around short names, cover photos, logos and more. Local SEOs are complaining that Google My Business suspension reinstatements are taking too long. Google Duplex is now working on mobile, I posted some screen shots. Google is testing hotel search boxes without a local identifier. Google is testing showing Google Posts that are related to your searches. Google Maps fake business listing problem is getting some big attention now. Google is testing a new ad carousel that is named people also considered. Google’s Webmaster YouTube channel broke 300,000 subscribers!

Possible Google Search Algorithm & Ranking Update June 19th :
Google: Core Update Is Not Like The Panda Algorithm :
Genius: We Caught Google Red Handed Stealing Our Lyrics :
Google To Genius: From Now On, We Will Show You Who Is Stealing Your Lyrics :
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Google Does Show Hidden Content In Accordions & Tabs As Featured Snippets :
Google Doesn’t Have A Fixed Time To Snapshot Rendered Content But… :
Google Asks: Want A Nofollow Filter On The Internal Link Report In Search Console :
Google: Disallowed URLs Through Robots.txt Does Not Affect Crawl Budget :
SEO Poll: Many SEOs Still Focusing On Desktop Page Analysis :
Google Search Console Missing Image Search Traffic Between June 5th & 7th :
Google Allows Emojis, Links & Unicode In FAQ Rich Results – For Now… :
New Google User Interface Updates: Refine Layers, Mini-Carousels, Shopping Toggle, Mortgage Calculator & More :
Google My Business Launches Short Names, Cover Photo, Logo & More :
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Google Duplex Bookings Tested In Mobile Search :
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