– This week in search I covered more chatter around tremors in the Google search results, a possible Google update. Google said the Page Experience Update will launch in May 2021, and will come with a visual indicator or label in the search results. Don’t try to cheat your core web vital metrics with iFrames, it won’t work. Google Webmaster Central has changed its name to Google Search Central. Google sent out a survey asking why we want the URL submission tool but John Mueller from Google said he won’t be taking it away from us. Google does use machine learning for crawling, to predict quality and freshness. Bing also uses a heck of a lot of machine learning in search. Google spoke about how passage indexing results might look in search. Google puts redirected URLs into a cluster for canonicalization. Google released a video on how search quality raters work. GoogleBot can now crawl over HTTP/2. Google Q&A schema guidelines now allow for STEM education related homework style questions. There has been an uptick in Google My Business hijacks recently. Google My Business reviews are delayed but it should be fixed very soon. Google Hotel results now all show health and safety information if the information is added to Google My Business. Google is testing bolder fonts for the URL in the search results snippet. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

00:00 – Introduction
00:39 – Unusual Google Search Ranking Algorithm Chatter :
01:10 – Google Page Experience Update To Launch May 2021 With New Snippet Labels :
02:30 – iFrame Loophole Won’t Work For Google Core Web Vitals & Page Experience Update :
03:01 – Google Webmaster Central Now Known As Google Search Central :
04:28 – Google Survey: Why You Want The URL Submission Tool Back :
05:21 – Google: No Plans On Taking Away Request Indexing Tool :
05:34 – Here Is How Google May Use Machine Learning During Crawling :
06:22 – Bing Does Not Know Its Ranking Signal Weights – Machines Learning Deals With It :
06:36 – How Google Passage Indexing Might Look In The Search Results :
07:21 – Google: Redirected URLs Are Put Into A Cluster For Canonicalization :
07:54 – Video On Google Search Quality Evaluators/Raters :
08:10 – GoogleBot Now Can Crawl Over HTTP/2 :
08:44 – Google Q&A Schema Supports STEM Education-Related Pages :
09:06 – Beware Of Google My Business Listings Hijackings :
09:30 – Google My Business Reviews Publishing Delayed :
09:55 – Google Hotel Health & Safety Data Now Fully Live :
10:11 – Google Tests Bolder Font For Search Result URLs :
10:21 – Conclusion