Let’s learn some Dental Vocabulary in Russian today! These phrases you can use when you are going to the dentist and need some help with your teeth!
Lately, I have spent a lot of time in a dental clinic, preparing my teeth for braces, and I know how important it is to know such vocabulary. The video is for level A2+.
Here we will learn such vocabulary as: to drill teeth, to treat cavity, to anesthetize, to remove tooth, to put a crown / implant / veneers, to whiten teeth, to put braces/aligners, and the names of different dentist doctors.

Поход к стоматологу. Стоматологическая лексика на русском. РКИ.

Content / Содержание:
01:05 Types of teeth – Виды зубов
02:03 Tooth structure – Строение зуба
03:46 Dental procedures – Стоматологические процедуры
11:50 Types of dentists – Виды рачей-стоматологов

You can turn on Russian or English subtitles in settings.

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