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– Full SEO Course and Tutorial in Hindi |
Note: This channel is for “EVERYONE” who wants to learn “Complete Digital Marketing”

Time Stamp :
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:27 Introduction to SEO
00:18:11 On page SEO
00:36:29 Working of Search Engine
00:44:15 Adding website to Console
00:58:08 Important Google Algorithms
01:11:04 how to do On Page SEO
01:21:49 Difference between Search Console & Google Analytics
01:28:01 How to write Title Tag
01:47:13 How much time it does take to rank a website
02:06:34 How to write meta description
02:20:03 How to Write title and Description Practically in SEO
02:29:45 What is Technical SEO | Technical SEO Tutorial for Beginners
02:43:00 Difference between Indexing vs Caching
02:48:26 How to Write SEO Friendly URLs?
03:02:57 How to write SEO Friendly Heading Tag (H1
03:15:49 Can we rank a webpage on multiple Keywords?
03:27:51 Checking Mobile Friendliness & Responsiveness
03:37:40 Sitemaps क्या है ?। Different Types of Sitemaps
03:48:24 Sitemaps कैसे Create करें ? | WordPress and Custom Website
04:02:56 Robots.txt File क्या है ?
04:18:20 How to Write Alt Text for Image
04:32:40 What is Search Intent
04:46:28 How to Rank Single Page website
04:52:27 How to resolve Canonical Issue?
05:10:34 What is Redirection | 301 and 302 Redirections
05:26:53 How to do Image SEO (Step by Step Process)
05:42:02 10 Different SERP Features
05:49:42 Schema Markup Full Tutorial | How to Create, Verify & Upload Schema Markup
06:27:41 How to Generate Schema Markup using Plugin – Ecommerce Product Schema
06:35:54 Older Techniques of SEO that don’t work anymore
06:47:34 What are Internal Links in SEO
07:19:27 What is the concept of Crawl Budget
07:38:38 What are naked Links
07:44:41 What is Google Search Console?
07:54:41 Domain Property and URL Prefix Property
08:08:09 How to submit Website into Search Console using URL Prefix
08:14:21 DNS Verification method in Google Search Console
08:18:47 How to Give Access to Users in Google Search Consol
08:26:27 Indexing Reports in Google Search Console
08:39:13 URL Inspection Report in Google Search Console
08:45:56 Performance Report in Google Search Console
09:07:15 Temporary URL Removal
09:12:20 URL Parameter Feature in Google Search Console
09:21:13 What are Enhancement Report in Google Search Console
09:27:32 What are Manual Actions & Security Insights in Google Search Console
09:35:28 Check Backlinks in Google Search Console
09:42:28 Crawl Stats in Google Search Console
09:51:09 What is DA & PA?
10:09:29 What is SPAM Score?
10:22:07 What are Backlinks & Why do we need them
10:51:39 Dofollow and NoFollow Backlinks क्या है?
11:21:26 Different Types of Backlinks कैसे बनाये?
11:46:26 Guest Blogging Backlinks कैसे बनाये?
12:05:05 Article Submission Backlinks कैसे बनाये?
12:20:26 Social Bookmarking Backlinks कैसे बनाये?
12:31:58 Directory Submission Backlinks
12:42:18 Infographic Submission
12:50:28 Image Backlinks
13:00:03 Classified Backlinks
13:08:19 Profile Backlinks
13:14:24 Broken Link Strategy
13:26:06 PPT/ PDF Submissoin Links
13:34:05 What is PBN and How PBNs are Created
13:53:09 What is Tier Link Building
14:03:25 How to Create PR Links
14:11:46 What is Link Reclamation in SEO
14:19:19 Link Roundup
14:25:46 HARO BAcklinks
14:34:09 Resource Link Building
14:44:47 keyword Cannibalization
14:53:33 Concept of Dwell time and Bounce Rate
15:02:24 Sandbox Effect
15:10:35 KGR
15:17:20 X Robots Tag
15:20:43 How Ecommerce SEO is different from Blog SEO/ Service Website
15:32:30 Keyword Research Basics in Ecommerce SEO
15:55:21 How to do On-Page SEO of Category Pages in Ecommerce Website
16:09:31 How to Setup Schema Markup for ECommerce Category Page
16:17:52 How to do the SEO of Product Pages | Product Page SEO
16:29:43 How to use Itemlist Schema in Ecommerce Website
16:35:47 How to Implement Product Schema on Product Pages
16:47:23 How to Create Robots.txt file for Ecommerce Website
16:57:01 How to create Sitemaps for Ecommerce Website

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