Hi, I’m Erica Rose with the Rose Sanders Law Firm. And I’m Charles Sanders with the Rose Sanders Law Firm. And today we’re going to talk about the five things that you should pay attention to following a car accident.

Number one is any type of nausea or dizziness.
Of course, the collision is like a roller coaster, a big impact. But if you’re experiencing extreme nausea or dizziness, that’s a reason to seek out medical attention. Number two is if you are feeling really confused, not just in shock, but confusion, disorientation, that type of thing. It could be a sign of a concussion as well as bleeding.
Bleeding out of the ears, bleeding out of your nose, not just bleeding caused by glass. If there’s any type of internal bleeding, it might manifest down there. It might manifest by throwing it up. You never know. Bleeding is definitely something to watch out for. We also want to look out for any tingling or numbness in your hands, your feet, your neck, your lower back, your mid-back, your right shoulder if you’re the driver, your left shoulder if you’re the passenger. The next thing we want to look for is any type of pain that appears to be shooting down, as in radiating so if you’re experiencing these five types of symptoms, you definitely want to seek medical attention immediately after your car accident.

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