Ever wonder how the litigation machine works? Our anonymous Louisiana plaintiffs’ lawyer is back to give an inside look in the third episode of Louisiana: The Lawsuit Paradise.

In “The Client Factory,” our lawyer walks through the organization of the massive law firms that fuel Louisiana’s lawsuit industry. He gives an in-depth account of how plaintiffs’ lawyers position themselves in the public eye, how their firm’s call centers handle the high volume of calls through the millions of dollars in advertising, and how they try to inflate settlements and even give out high-interest loans.

“The Client Factory” makes clear how every cog in the machine clogs up Louisiana’s legal system.

Faces of Lawsuit Abuse presents Louisiana: The Lawsuit Paradise, a multipart series that looks at how the business of suing threatens the state’s economy. You’ll hear firsthand from small business owners, workers, and others who know firsthand how lawsuits hurt the state’s job creation and growth and force companies to take their business elsewhere.