How does Veronica and her team at Alligator Dental @alligatordental_sm work through a staffing shortage?

They utilize the Zyris Isolite® Pro with the Posterior and Anterior mouthpieces.

The Zyris Isolite dental isolation system frees up Veronica to do other dental tasks. She’s able to grab tools for the dentist and help with providing comfort for her pediatric patients.

The dental isolation system acts like an extra set of hands providing isolation, illumination, continuous evacuation, tongue retraction, and airway protection during dental procedures.

Zyris also offers a lifetime commitment of free training and support for installation and maintenance, clinical procedure techniques, and placement tips maximizing patient comfort.

Free up your dental assistants and get an extra set of helping hands when short-staffed. Go to to learn how the Zyris Isolite Pro can help you.

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