Minor traffic collisions can result in injuries. If those injuries are minor, the innocent party might only have a small claim. Small claims court is reserved for disputes below $10,000.00 in total damages. Whereas motor vehicle and negligence claims of damages totalling more than $10,000.00 are civil actions in the Superior Court.

Sometimes it’s a close call and it can be hard to tell early after a car crash what type of case you have. Whiplash injuries can appear minor at first, but take months to fully heal and lead to damages well in excess of the small claims court limits.

It’s often best to consult a car accident lawyer shortly after an automobile accident to help you decide what to do. Having a car accident lawyer in the insurance claims process can yield a stronger outcome, even in minor accident cases. However, every case is different and there are no guarantees of success. If a more minor case cannot be settled, a car accident lawyer might not be able to help with representation if the case ultimately falls within small claims jurisdiction. Nevertheless, a lawyer can still be successful for a smaller type of cases, especially when the defendant holds a minimum insurance policy of only $15,000.00.

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