Don’t get a root canal before watching this!

Ideally, you will never need a root canal but if you do you want to be informed of your options and how the procedure works.

A root canal is a dental treatment to preserve a tooth with an infected or inflamed pulp due to a deep cavity or trauma.

Despite its bad name, the dreaded root canal is not supposed to be painful.

However, root canals carry some risks. There is also much controversy about this treatment, which has caused concern and even fear.

This article will discuss what a root canal is, how to know if it’s the right treatment for you, its safety, what to expect, and more.

Root canal therapy is a type of dental procedure to preserve a tooth after the tooth’s pulp has become infected or inflamed. This is usually due to a deep cavity or trauma to the teeth or face.

The pulp is the tooth’s inner soft tissue containing connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

In a root canal procedure, your dentist or endodontist will clean out the infected tissue from the pulp chamber, then disinfect, fill, and seal the tooth. A crown will be placed over the tooth to preventing chipping or fracture.

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