Dr. O explains the issues involved in crowning front teeth and what treatment would be preferred for your smile.

1st – Too Aggressive – often, too much tooth structure is removed for a traditional crown prep.

2nd – Altered Biting Surface – The healthiest bite is when natural teeth connect rather than restorations against natural teeth. Abnormal may result from the altered biting surface.

3rd – Unfavorable Lateral forces – The direction of the chewing forces are potential very damaging on a weakened front tooth that is missing all of the enamel.

The latest technology allows dentists to prepare teeth more conservatively with the ability to restore in-office the same day without goopy impressions and sending off to a lab. This is much safer for your teeth. Veneers and 3/4 crowns (Partial Crowns) that preserve the back side of your front teeth are a much better solution.

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