Originally Released May 13, 2019

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With cosmetic dentistry on the rise a patient needing an anterior tooth replaced coupled with additional adjacent restorations could present a puzzling clinical scenario from many perspectives. Matching an implant to natural anterior teeth can be challenging on its own. However, mixing in different restorative materials and cements adds another dimension. A key factor in making your final restoration seamless with nature could rely on your abutment selection. In this 1-hour video, Dr. Johnathan White will focus on building your confidence so that you can deliver exceptional restorative results in a variety of clinical circumstances.

1. Identify what your best option are with abutment selection in the aesthetic zone
2. Understand the clinical factors that play into your decision for abutment selection
3. Learn what material selection and design influence the strength and beauty of your final result
4. Explore options that can convert an off-axis implant into a screw retained restoration
5. Understand the fabrication process of different abutment systems and how to modify based on the clinical situation

Dr. White, a native of St. Joseph, MO, is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. He has been on the forefront of post-graduate dental education and completed several comprehensive implant, restorative, and business programs throughout the country. He maintains a full-time practice in Las Vegas, NV with an emphasis on comprehensive care and aesthetics.