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Course Description
During this course, you will be able to visualize and experience the treatment planning, set up, surgery, and immediate conversion of full arch cases. We discuss the use of implants and multi units, along with protocols for performing analog surgery and steps involved for successful immediate conversion. Some minor discussion of complications will also be reviewed.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand “analog” principles (laboratory, prosthetics, surgical)
2. Review protocols and procedures required for predictable full arch immediate load surgery and conversion
3. Learn treatment planning of full arch cases including CT work up, and communication with the Lab for surgical guide fabrication
4. Examine successful approaches and techniques to perform surgery and prosthetics
5. Understand how to identify common complications that can occur with surgery and hybrid prosthesis and learn how to treat them
6. Appreciate vital communication between prosthodontist, implant surgeon and laboratory technician, and learn the recommended follow up schedule and maintenance procedures for individual cases

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Presented by Dr. Arshiya Shirafi