Crown – How Long Should It Last?

Dr. O discusses how long a crown should last. When spending your hard earned money on your smile, it is important to consider how long your investment will last. Dental Crowns are a great way to save a tooth that has severe damage and in many cases are necessary. It is important to consider how many years the crown may be of service before one is to invest in fixing the tooth with a crown. Your dentist should be able to give you an idea on what an average lifespan would be based on these factors below.
As with repairing anything after damage, the 3 main factors contributing to the longevity are

Condition Before Crown – How badly damaged was the tooth prior to the treatment and what was the overall supporting condition of the surrounding teeth?
Quality of the Crown – Was the dentist using the latest techniques and technology to give you the very latest and best of care?
Care of the Crown – How will the teeth be taken care of to keep them healthy and will there be balance and support that will favor long term success of the crown?

Remember condition, quality, and care.

Condition – Pre-Treatment
– Remaining tooth structure after cavity or fracture
– Type of tooth structure remaining
– Decay present
– Root canal needed
– Balance – alignment vs. misalignment
– Supporting teeth – implants to replace missing teeth to help strength of the bite
– Bone Health – no active periodontal bone loss contributing to foundational issues for long term gum and bone health.

Quality of Treatment
– Material Choice – Strength, beauty, ability to bond, which I prefer EMAX
– Preparation of the teeth – Conservative preparation which is simplified by the use of same day technology like CEREC CAD/CAM that avoids the need of a temporary.
– Technology – Same-Day Crown Technology
– Bonding vs cementing – Cementing is the older way of connecting restorations to teeth. Bonding is the newer technology that allows for more conservation of tooth structure.

– Home care – Tooth brushing and flossing twice a day
– Dental Hygiene Visits and Recare routinely to make certain that any issues are caught and corrected early
– Maintaining Balance – Straight and healthy bite with possible night guards for those who grind or clench their teeth while sleeping
– Maintaining Support – replace missing teeth with sound restorations whether implants (preferred) or bridges
– Habits – sometimes are unavoidable, but do contribute to the longevity of the crown
– Sugar consumption – High decay rate from consuming sugar consistently throughout the day.
– Dry mouth – medications typically contribute to the dryness leading to decay around the margin of the crown

While this is definitely not an exhaustive list of all of the factors, this lists the main factors contributing to the longevity of a crown. Typically crowns that are placed on teeth that still maintain 50% of the remaining tooth structure, may last 20, 30, or even 40 years. Catching and fixing tooth problems like decay and fracture, early by routinely visiting your dentist will improve the longevity of the crown. Finding a quality dentist that will give you the latest in cosmetic dentistry and technology will assure you are set up for the greatest success, and maintaining the health of your smile!

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